Regency Building Solutions is a Furnish & Install Sub-Contractor for the following Scopes of Work in Commercial Construction, Healthcare and Petrochem:


1. Expansion Joint Systems- Interior with covers, firestop and water tight options.


2. Curtain Wall Insulation- Firestop safing joint systems with water tight options.


3. Penetration Seals- Firestop with Class 1 W-Rating options and acoustical seals. For all MEP penetrations.


4. Fire Protection of Emergency Circuits for backup generator feeders and fire pumps.


5. Fuel Line Fire Protection


6. Fireproofing Structural Steel


7. Cable Coatings - Fire Protection of exterior Cable Trays & Cables


8. Pipe & Duct Insulation & Heat Trace


9. Fire Extinguishers


10. Toilet Partitions & Accessories - Fire Rated options for inwall Paper Towel Dispensers and Trashcans.


11. Lockers


12. Entrance Matts


13. Exterior Environmental Penetration Seals


14. Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration for all of the above scopes of work.



Regency Building Solutions is an authorized distributer of Rectorseal products.

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